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Products Wire Rod / Black Annealed Wire / Electro Galvanized Wire / Copper Coated Wire / Oiled Bailing Wire / High & Low Carbon.


Products Standard Galvanized Wire / Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire / PVC Coated Wire / Mask Wire / Craft Wire / Agricultural Wire.


Products Welded Wire Fence / Woven Wire Mesh / PVC Coated Mesh / Chain Link Fencing / Gabions Mesh / Barbed Wire / Razor Wire.

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Hot Dip Galvanized wire

Standard Galvanized Wire Specs: Flexible & Smooth Surface & High Softness & Resistance Against Humidity. Packing: Rosette Coil & Straight Cut Wire & Spool.

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Electro Galvanized Wire

Cold Galvanized Wire Manufacturing Process In Electrogalvanizing a Layer Of Zinc Is Bonded To Black Annealed Wire. Packing: Rosette Coil & Straight Cut Wire & Spool.

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Black Annealed Wire

Industrial Wire & Construction Wire & raw materials In galvanized & copper wire line, mesh production, industrial chains, joists, nail / Drawing Next Annealing Wire-Rod.

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Copper Coated Wire

Copper Clad Steel Wire (CCS) The High Tensile Strength Of Low Carbon Steel Core & The Conductivity Properties Of Copper Layer. Paking: Rosette coil & Straight Cut Wire & Spool.

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Wire Rod

RSt34 & RSt37 Hot Rolled Wires Classified In Low-Carbon Steels, Produced In 5.5mm, 6.5mm. Uses: Structural Applications, Mesh & Fence Netting, Nails, Screws, Rivets, Galvanizing Application.

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PVC Coated Wire

Coatings Galvanized, Stainless, Copper WIRE With Plastic Materials (PVC,PE,PP) Thick 0.1mm To 6.5mm. Usage: Face Mask Nose Wire, sheathing, 3D filament Packing: Rosette Coil & Spool.

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Craft Wire

Craft Wire & Jewelry Wire Made From Galvanized, Steel, Copper Wire Painting With Electrostatic Colourful Powder Coating. Specs: Flexibility & Colourful & Thick 0.1mm To 6.5mm.

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Agricultural Wire

Application Such as Greenhouse Wire , Vineyard Wire , Straight & Cut Mild & High Carbon Galvanized Wire for AGRICULTURE.

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Galvanized & Pvc Coated Fence Widely Used Products For Fencing Lands, Mostly Agricultural Lands And Gardens. Specs: Wire Material, Wire Thickness, Mesh Size, Height And Width Of The Roll.

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Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Mesh Is Used Mainly For Poultry, Bird Cages, Reinforcement Material In Concrete In The Building Industry And Road Construction. Specs: Size & Type Of Rebar / Springs Size / Rolls & Sheets.

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GABIONS Mesh & Basket

Gabion Mesh & Boxes Are Used As Retaining Walls To Prevent Soil, Flood Control, Supporting Structures For Canal Beds, River Banks And Dams Etc. Heavy Galvanized & Pvc Coated Wire.

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Woven Wire Mesh

Used As Various Sieves, Strainers, Insect Protection Screens, Filters, And For Metal Crushers In Quarries Etc. Specs: Wire Type And Material, Wire Thickness, Spring Shape, Dimensions And Texture Type.

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Hexagonal Wire Netting

Chicken Wire Netting Or Poultry Netting Is Made Of Thin And Flexible Galvanized Wire With Hexagonal Springs. Specs: Wire Type & Thickness, Length And Width, Mesh Springs.

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Grass Fence

Decorative Artificial Grass Fence Panels & Roll Have Widespread Use In Homes, Workplaces, Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Fairs And Events Areas, Shopping Centers, Gardens, Roofs, Sports Fields.

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Razor Wire

Concertina Razor Wire And Flat Wrap Is A High Security Tape With Blades Fixed To The Lead Wire For Extra Security. Used Such As Military Complexes, Prisons, Airports & On Top Of Walls, Chain Link Fence.

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Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire Is The Most Cost Effective Method Of Protective Fencing Mainly Used In Domestic Sector And Farms, Estates Etc. Barbed Wire Can Be Erected With Concrete, Galvanized Pipe Or Wooden Post.

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Galvanized Wire Line

Tajik Wire Machinery Industries Manufacturer The Wire Precess Machine & Factory 100% : 1.Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire Line 2.Electro Galvanized Wire Line (COLD) 3.Copper Coated Wire.

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Automatic Chain Link Fence, Woven Wire Mesh, Welded Wire Mesh Machine & Hexagonal Wire Netting Machine / Automatic Barbed & Razor Wire Machine / Grass Wire Machine.

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wire extrusion line

PVC Wire Coating Machine Takes The Galvanized Or Copper Or Steel Wire From The Coil Basket And Coats It With Extrusion Method (PVC,PP,PE,PT) And Again Coils It To Rosette Coil Or Spool.

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Wire Drawing Machine

Tajik Wire Machinery Industries Manufacturer: Wire Drawing Machines Of Low Or High Carbon, Wire Rod Pay-Offs, Wire Pre-Treatment, Wire Refining, Concrete Steel Wire, Spooler, Coiler.

iso Certificates

The HOLDING Have Been Certificated ISO 10004:2012 & ISO 9001:2015 & International Goldenstar For Quality, We Export Our Products To Neighboring Countries & The World, Such as:

Iran Market 100%

Neighboring Market 82%

Global Market 15%

TAJIK MACHINERY & equipments


TAJIK WIRE Industrial Company was research manufacturing of a wide rang of industrial machinery, such as straight heavy & fine wire drawing. wire plating and also spooler-coiler-layer rewinder and staple machines and high speed electrode wire cutter .

Products Dry Drawing Line : Dry Drawing Machine | Wire Rod Pay-Offs | Wire Rod Descaling Machines | Sand Belt Machines | Static And Dynamic Coilers | Spoolers ... & ... Wet Drawing Line : Slip Wet Drawing Machine | Wet Drawing Machines With Controlled Slip | Decoilers ... & ... Wire Treatment : Coppering Bath | Zinc Electro Galvanized Wire | Superficial Cleaning Of The Wire | Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire, Copper Wire And Copper Clad Wire


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